»... To me, Käfer embodies this lifestyle.«

With his charming Austrian accent, dapper style and friendly demeanour, Mario Stock is a perfect store host. He is also a bona fide Käfer devotee. He didn’t train in the retail industry, but rather as a chef and waiter, travelling to such places as London, Switzerland and Salzburg for his work. It was during a stint at the Munich Hilton that he was discovered by Gerd Käfer. After six years at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, Stock joined Käfer in Munich.

 »Culinary gimmickry just to keep up with the latest trends – that’s not my thing. What matters to me is whether something is truly good«

»We have an old recipe book by Elsa Käfer, Michael Käfer’s grandmother. Our sausage salad is made according to one of its recipes. We make it every day, following Elsa’s instructions to a T every time.«

The store boasts a delightful Paris market hall atmosphere and abundant range, with 80 per cent of the products on offer being fresh foods. And it is this freshness – the fact that Elsa Käfer’s sausage salad is freshly made and sold over the counter as opposed to ready-packaged – that Mario Stock feels makes this store so special.

It also helps to make Käfer’s world of culinary delights more accessible to young people. »I regularly see younger customers undergo a change in shopping behaviour here. Often, they’ll try a cheese they’ve never tasted before, coupled with a fresh piece of baguette and be bowled over – their first moment of true delectation. They then start coming to shop here once a month, then once a week, then every few days. Enjoyment of good food is an everyday thing in countries like Italy and France; it's a lifestyle. And to me, Käfer embodies this lifestyle.«

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