Our valuesOur values

Käfer has developed its own catalogue of values on which our deeds and actions are based. Our values define the standards we impose on our products, our services, our partners and our staff. Only when these values are comprehensively fulfilled is the Käfer brand brought to life.

Our values are

When customers decide to choose Käfer, they experience the translation of these values into reality. When potential partners apply to Käfer, they must consistently incorporate these values into their operations and guarantee compliance with them. When staff apply to join our family, they must understand these values and commit themselves to living and breathing them throughout every aspect of their field of responsibility.

The Käfer Manifesto reflects the absolutely consistent and realistic application of these values in our operations.

The Käfer Manifesto is an instruction manual for our partners, suppliers and staff who stand for the Käfer brand. Anyone who aims to represent the Käfer brand must commit themselves to our values and our Manifesto.

Our promise