We focus our sense of responsibility on the quality of our products, the transparency and traceability of their origins and the guarantee of a supremely pleasurable experience - without remorse in any sense. This is a task to which we devote our full passion, and which also defines our own standards of performance. We put all our efforts into ensuring the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers.

And we expect nothing less from our suppliers and partners.

For this reason, we established a catalogue of uniform standards throughout our expanding company and drew up concrete guidelines detailing our requirements for our products and suppliers.

The Käfer Manifesto of Quality is a binding catalogue of rules and regulations for all our staff and all our suppliers. It covers a wide range of themes and areas. The Käfer Manifesto of Quality also defines concrete standards for our products:

  1. We reject products which contain synthetically produced flavourings.
  2. We reject chemical additives and flavour enhancers in foods.
  3. We avoid genetically modified organisms.
  4. We support animal welfare in animal husbandry.
  5. We avoid unnecessary transport and proactively support responsible use of the limited resources of our planet.

We vouch for our compliance with these guidelines. For you as our Käfer customer, our philosophy of "pleasure without remorse" means that you can rely on this compliance.

Not even we are perfect. But we're working on it – every single day. If you have any questions or ideas, please write to us. We look forward to hearing your views.