Licensed ProductsLicensed Products

Delicious Diversity

Feinkost Käfer markets over 100 different products in German-speaking countries. The range of gourmet foods will be expanded to include non-food products In the near future.

Overview of the Feinkost Käfer Licensed Product Range:

Baked goods – with 14 different speciality breads, par-baked

Frozen pizza – prepared using traditional Italian methods using no additives for dough production and baked in stone ovens.

Sausage products – to exclusive recipes, from liver sausage to speciality hams

Honey – 4 types, naturally cold-extracted and from certified organic apiaries

Coffee – a premium range of pure highland arabica beans grown to organic specifications

Salmon – the choicest variations on smoked salmon and gravad lax, matured for extra long and carefully smoked.

Sparkling wine – a fine Riesling produced from German vineyards (Mosel and Pfalz regions)

Wine – twelve international wines from a full-bodied red to a fresh white wine from Venetia

Fruit schnapps – produced from carefully selected fruits by experienced distillers using traditional methods

Chilled convenience foods and dairy products from Feinkost Käfer will soon appear in new forms and ranges.