Fashion Food FranceFashion Food France

Our specialists in the food markets of Paris

Import and export company Fashion Food France GmbH represents Käfer in the largest and most important food market in the world. In the market halls at Rungis, to the south of Paris, the finest produce from Europe and the world is traded in a vast selection that defies the imagination. Around 4,000 articles, their freshness and flawless quality upheld by a rigorous inspection chain, are selected and brought directly to our premises twice to three times per week in our own fleet of trucks.

Seeking out the latest trends

Käfer's scouts are busy not only in Rungis but all over the world, seeking out new flavour experiences. They interview producers and processers, talk to chefs and gourmets, taste and compare. In all these activities we have a single goal: to amaze your palate with unimagined delights.