The new Käfer Delicatessen Market in ParsdorfCity

After extensive conversion and expansion, a compact shopping paradise has grown up around Käfer's production facility in Parsdorf opposite the Segmüller furniture store. The first of the company's Delicatessen Markets has also moved into new premises. In bright loft-like surroundings with a unique atmosphere, the market presents the full range of 2,000 products for a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience.

The new decor makes use of modern, high-quality materials including old construction beams and brick wall facings to create a visual highlight which also ensures all areas are used to the maximum efficiency. The concept was the brainchild of Christine Niessen at Raumgestaltung & Design, whose interior design work focuses on innovative ideas.

The new spacious premises provide more room for fresh food counters including a ham and cheese counter - just one of the new features in the Käfer Delicatessen Market in ParsdorfCity. A further highlight is the fish counter, which receives deliveries of fresh-caught fish from the markets at Rungis every Wednesday and Friday. A walk-in chiller for dairy products and home-made sauces and spreads has entrances on two sides, providing customers with convenient and clear access to the products. As the bakery is right next door, shoppers can find the freshest bread in town at the Käfer Delicatessen Market in ParsdorfCity.

Kitchen and dining accessories and gifts add the finishing touch to the product range.