20 up to 36 seats20 up to 36 seats

Bayernstube - Bavarian Room

Short Information

This room fascinates  our guests with wooden effects but very decent coloring in white and light blue – the colors of the State Bavaria. Glass cabinets exhibits pieces on loan from the family Thurn und Taxis and the Nymphenburg Palace.


Connecting doors to "Wedding Room | Opera Room" 

Seats up to 20–36 | 37 sqm

Seating options:
1 large block for 20 persons
2 large round tables for 20 persons
1 long table (cigar shape) for 24 persons
3 large round tables for 30 persons
2 large round tables and 2 small round tables for 36 persons
2 long rectangular tables  

Trogerstube -Troger Room

Short Information

With an exciting interplay of light and dark, this very elegant room invites you to have a great dinner without distraction.  A connecting door to the “Library” offers different options for your aperitif or digestive – walking around like being at home.


Connecting door to "Bibliothek"

Seats up to 12–30 | 28 sqm

Seating options:
1 small round table for 12 persons
1 large round table for 16 persons
1 block seating arrangement for 18 persons
3 long tables for 27 persons
3 long rectangular tables for 10 persons